Less than a week after Pete Tong premiered the full version of his new single "Wake Me Up," Avicii has announced that his highly-anticipated debut album, #TRUE, will be released on September 17. In speaking to Billboard, Avicii let it be known that "this album consists 100% of songs I personally love. It's true to me, true to my brand, true to Avicii." He described his reasoning for his live set he played during this year's UMF as being necessary, saying that "disruption is good when a scene is half stuck."

#TRUE will be released by PRMD Music and Island Records; if you remember, PRMD is the imprint that Avicii's manager Ash Pournouri started with Island Def Jam, and Avicii's project will be the beginning of their relationship. Ash has been a proven mover in the EDM scene, and with the muscle of Island behind them? Expect this one to help lead the EDM charge even further into the mainstream.

"Wake Me Up" hits iTunes on June 25.