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Although dancehall reggae is strongly associated with ganja consumption, sometimes a lighter is more than just a way to spark your spliff. Flashing your Bic when a big tune plays can be a way to express  approval for a particular musical selection. And it's much safer than busting a shot in the air—as certain dancehall fans have sometimes been know to do at the hardest of hardcore sessions.

Then again, if you spray aerosol over that lighter it's not really that safe—the blazing torch might set somebody's pink hair weave on fire, or blow up in your hand. But in "Lighters Up," a new song from the lovely Jamaican chanteuse Alaine featuring the dancehall star I-Octane, that humble disposable lighter becomes a beacon of hope, a way of dispelling all manner of darkness. Who knew you could get all that for just 99 cents? So let's kick off the first week of June with a nice dancehall video premiere.