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Everyone knows by now that current trap sound has roots in the southern rap sound that Lex Luger and Gucci Mane and the like pushed for years.  Enferno knows this too, so he decided to take Young Jeezy's "RIP" and turn it into a DJ and dancefloor doozy.  Enferno already turned in a dope release for Dim Mak when he remixed Will Brennan's "RNR," and now he's doing it again as he brings together a plethora of different sounds into this off-the-wall remix. Unlike a lot of current trap releases, Enferno manages to give his remix a palatable bounce.  Alarms, bubbles, pitched-up and manipulated vocal chops are just some of the pieces to this remix.  Drop this and you'll get ladies twerkin' and the boys goin' buckwild.