Young Dro's recent output has some folks talking "comeback." The new video for "F.D.B." is a hopeful sign. Dro fans (like this writer) have held out hope for such a possibility every time he released a new record; here's hoping this time it's the real deal. 

Eight years ago, Dro was given a prime spot on T.I.'s classic King alongside Young Buck on "Undertaker." Soon he had a genuine smash of his own with "Shoulder Lean," and a strong debut album in Best Thang Smoking. He seemed to have the entire package: a tough. brusque fearlessness, a lyrical, uniquely-patterned delivery, and an unabashed hook-y quality to his rapping that seemed crossover-friendly.

His career seemed ready to shift to the next level, and started to fade instead. The rapper's output was reduced to a series of mixed-bag mixtapes and some scattered highlights.

And now, a brief history of those highlights:

Which you can hear via this Spotify playlist:

So while there's been some talk of a Young Dro comeback, it's not like he every disappeared, exactly. Instead, he's slunk along dropping minor gems for years while moving further and further from the pop mainstream. In an alternate universe, all the money Tip unloaded on Iggy Azalea would have gone to Young Dro for a follow-up to Best Thang Smokin', but hey, at least he's got a Vevo channel and a real push right now.

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