Jarren Benton, in this video for "Cadillacs & Chevys," takes the old-school vehicle ode template in a different direction. For example, this may be the first song about domestic cars introduced by a line in which the artist proclaims a personal achievement in having self-fellated (which is perhaps what accounts for the many physical manifestations of Jarren Benton in the video).

Jarren sets out at the beginning of the song to "come up with a fly ass hook," but concedes that he "really ain't gonna say sh*t on the verses." Whether he did end up actually saying anything of value on the verses, or on the hook even, is up to you and your ears; but for what it's worth, the man says that he "used to play the xylophone." So all you xylophone enthusiasts out there (we see you) might gravitate to the song due to that fact alone, but the rest of you will have to rely on your taste.

The Funk Volume roster (with which Benton is associated) certainly has some variation in terms of content, and even if what Hopsin for example has to say doesn't mesh with what you're about, you might find something you like in Jarren or Dizzy Wright. Jarren's upcoming project, My Grandmas Basement, is due in June.

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