Producer: Mannie Fresh
Album: Tha G-Code
Label: Cash Money, Universal

Wayne may have been just a teen in the Hot Boys days, but he had the mind (and raps) of an old soul. Or at least an old convict-every verse was a more violent and elaborate heist than the last. And they were always action-oriented too, as he best illustrates with the giant string of verbs on Juve's "G-Code." He was runnin', hidin', duckin', stuntin', ridin', thuggin', dumpin' fire, bustin', lovin', lyin', lustin', stealin', killin', rapin', runnin' (again), climbin', chasin', strugglin', and hustlin' to make it. The verse could make for a great elementary school lesson in continuous tenses if it weren't for all the rapin' and stealin' and such.