This old yobbo is an embarrassment to Aussies everywhere.

Written by Kangaroo Jack (@Therealkangaroo)

Crikey! Did you read the pile of rubbish the bloody Examiner published today? This drongo Barry Prismal wrote a op-ed decrying rap music as a "con." He seems to have gone on walkabout sometime in the middle 20th century, and never come back, as he trots out the hoariest criticisms of a genre of music that is, for any skip with half a brain, clearly one of the most vibrant and important forms of artistic expression the human race has come up with since cave painting. But here he goes, Bing Crosby's fan, knockin' the good stuff: 

"Canned crap from rap flunkies who can't sing as they mutter away to a thumping beat - chattering a useless, deviant monologue of prose with an obligatory video of lecherous beauties fastened to the performer, and partying like there's no tomorrow."

Of course, everyone's entitled to their own opinion, even a pasty mug like we find here. Even someone who cites the Moody Blues "Nights In White Satin" as his favorite song of all time. Yes, that '60s nugget with the most overwrought spoken-word poetry break this side of Jim Morrison. You remember the bit, "Breathe deep, the gathering gloom..." and all that. And lo! This line gives him away! "Senior citizens wish they were young..." Yes, I believe they do! I believe this one might be feeling particularly salty about this very subject. But instead of accepting the fact that the world changes, and the possibility that people other than those of one's own color and age group might actually have something of value to offer it, he retreats into his little island nation of ignorance. 

But that's where my real problem with this ocker comes in. See, the rest of the world already looks at us Aussie's with a suspect eye in this regard. Because our government's history of legalized racism is comparable to that of our friends across the water in South Africa. I don't much like the idea of people thinking The Land Down Under is backwards to boot. And this type of garbage doesn't help the cause. It's an embarrassment, is what it is.