The 2013 Red Bull Music Academy crossed the half-way mark of its New York stint this week, and the fun isn't over. The legendary Giorgio Moroder, who has made a big return to the electronic music conversation due to the homage that was paid on Daft Punk's Random Access Memories, has taken up DJing recently, and will be performing his first live DJ gig ever at the RBMA's night at Deep Space alongside François K, T.Williams, and Benjamin Damage.

Moroder, alongside Chris Cox (a long-time collaborator), dropped an hour-long set full of exclusive remixes and new arrangements of tracks from his catalog, from his 1970s work with acts like Donna Summer to "Giorgio by Moroder" from Random Access Memories. Word is that RBMA will be posting the full video from his two-hour interview (which delved into everything from Scarface to to his return) and audio from his set on soon, but for now just relish in how it will sound.

UPDATE Here are some low-quality clips of Giorgio's set. RBMA Radio has also posted the full audio: