In a recent interview with Paul Cantor, Talib Kweli—whose new album Prisoner of Conscious comes out next week—spoke out about the Kanye West-Taylor Swift VMA encounter of 2009, when West famously interrupted Swift's award acceptance speech.

“He would cut me off during my shows,” Kweli explained. “So when I see him do it to Taylor Swift, I’m like ‘Oh, that’s what he used to do to me. He literally would come on stage while I was rapping and stop the music and say, ‘Yo, I gotta kick this rhyme. And I would have to be like, ‘Yo, you can’t, this is my show.’ But that’s how passionate he is about the music.”

Kweli also talked about West's predilection for demanding tour behavior is also not new. He said that he used to fly from show to show and skip out on the tour bus. 

“Kanye used to do that, and then we would have to get on the tour bus to go to the next city and he would be in his room, and we’d be banging on his door and he’s not answering,” Kweli said. “He’d call me three hours later like, ‘What city are you in now?’ And then he would get on a plane, even though he got have just got out of bed and got on a tour bus, he would fly to the next city and meet us and apologize. It makes sense when you think about him as a person.”

[via Paul Cantor]

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