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If you're trying to see Death Grips during their Europe tour, be prepared to see them perform sans drummer Zach Hill. Don't worry, he's not leaving the band or anything. His absence is actually sort of a good thing; Hill is writing and directing a feature film. The flick will feature new Death Grips music as its soundtrack, according to this statement made by the group itself:

Zach is currently writing, directing and soundtracking an original feature film. The movie is of his own creation, fictionally based and not related to the group. The film will be soundtracked with all new Death Grips music. He is also working on and recording the new Death Grips album at the moment. Death Grips is Stefan. Zach. Andy. Zach is very much still in Death Grips.

-Death Grips

Imagine if the whole soundtrack sounded like "The Fever (Aye Aye)." That'd be one adrenaline-packed film. Then again, the track is crazy enough to inspire random acts of debauchery...which isn't exactly conducive to the movie experience. No further details on the upcoming album though.

[via Pitchfork]

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