Album: Flockaveli
Label: 1017 Brick Squad, Warner Bros., Asylum
Producer: Lex Luger

In 2010, "Hard in Da Paint" was everywhere—clubs, bars, karaoke, Walgreen's. It simply could not be escaped. We swear we even heard the MIDI version of "Hard in Da Paint" in a downtown office high-rise. This song made Waka Flocka and Lex Luger household names. The beat starts off menacing, building to an apex before dropping out to allow Waka to let us know how he goes in the paint.

Spoiler: Waka is a diamond on the Mohs Scale when it comes to hardness. In that seven seconds of a cappella, Waka is able to get off an astonishing 12 ad libs. By the end, we are unwittingly shaking our heads and feeling invincible, a staple of Mr. Flames' music. Unfortunately, no rappers made a "I go hard in the paint like Kurt Rambis" punchline. If they had, we would put this higher on the list. Don't blame us. Blame lazy rappers.

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