Album: Crime Mob
Label: Crunk Incorporated
Producer: Lil' Jay

Crime Mob's pugnacious single owned the summer of 2004. At the height of crunk music's reign, Crime Mob released the right song at the right time. "Knuck If You Buck" transformed clubs and frat parties all over the nation into a Chuck Palahniuk book with its mob-chanted chorus and subwoofer-torturing bass.

The argument that Diamond is actually the prototypical Waka Flocka can also be made when she comes in shouting "I come in the club shakin my dreads/Throwin these bows and bustin these heads." Please be wary of your rotator cuff, though. By the end of the song you'll have swung over 1,000 bows. Don't be part of the 76 percent of Americans who forget to stretch before doing any physical activity. Be careful.

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