Even in the digital age, hip-hop isn't meant to only be enjoyed on ear buds, computer speakers, and car stereos. Yes, rap history has played out on wax, on the radio, on TV, and even on YouTube. But like any genre of music, to fully experience hip-hop's power, you need to see it live. 

Even if rap is often disappointing to see live, when you do go to that perfect show and see that unbelievable moment, it's something you never forget or stop talking about. There's been a ton of great hip-hop tours (Glow In The Dark, Hard Knock Life, and No Way Out all come to mind, just to name a few) but this list isn't about tours. Rather it's about those epic moments that only happen once in a blue, sometimes during a famous tour, but often not. 

On stage, legends have been born, careers have been extinguished, and history has been made. We've assembled 20 Legendary Hip-Hop Concert Moments that spans the course of rap history to highlight some of the classic live performances rappers have put on. Some altered the course of rap, others merely the careers of those involved. Either way, they'll be etched in our memories—and now, hopefully, yours—forever.

Written by Alex Gale (@apexdujeous)

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