Twitter: @FatTonyRap

Pros: Already has a devout following and a proper e-buzz.

Cons: Isn't actually fat.

Essential Listening: RABDARGAB

Over the past few years, Fat Tony has gotten a surer grip on the slippery arm of Internet buzz than most artists on this list. And he has leveraged that coverage (Complex, Pitchfork, NahRight, Vice, any of the other sites that are rap-important, etc.) into a record deal (Young One records) and a collection of equally talented allies that stretches from Bun B to Danny Brown.

His inherent charm and freewheeling stream-of-thought rap style has earned him an undeniable reputation in Texas. And he has a new album out this summer (spoiler: it's the tits). It's not unreasonable to assume that he could be the next one up.