The brand of 50 Cent has branched out, to say the least. The man took his human capital along with his success in the music business and turned himself into an entrepreneurial machine, from investing in Vitamin Water to founding SMS Audio. Now Fif wants to turn our attention to his latest venture: SMS Promotions. 

Soundtracked by his own recent song release, "We Up," in this video, 50 narrates the life journey that eventually led him to boxing promotion. He compares the sport to the sport of rap, suggesting that the two require the same qualities in a competitor:

"Boxing is very similar to rap. It's the instincts, it's the training, it's the discipline that's involved with it, the absolute focus that's necessary for you to win. You have to go out there, stay focused, and absolutely destroy. You ain't got no teammates. You out there alone."

If this "you out there alone" metaphor were to be extended to 50's rap career, one might wonder where he thinks G-Unit stood with respect to the ring.