Complete with subtitles, a DYLAN joke, and a comparison between himself and David Duchovny, the Complex Man of Next Year drops the video for "S.D.S."

Mac Miller spits sheer absurdities next to youthful musings in this seemingly stream-of-consciousness rap that actually must have been given a decent amount of thought. Though Mac plays a white superhero who raps, his resemblance to the "Without Me" Eminem doesn't go very far. Mac nods to his influences, but seems to be intent on making his own lane.

S.D.S. stands for "Somebody Do Something." If flying around in a cape with a goggled dog while rapping about the one who will be remembered forever for spitting hot fire counts as "something," then it appears that young Miller has already taken his own advice.

The Flying Lotus-produced track should appear on Mac's upcoming Watching Movies With the Sound Off.

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