Album: Scorpion

The beauty of "Let Me Blow Ya Mind" is all in the juxtaposition of Eve's hard, staccato raps and the delicate, tiptoe-ing beat and Gwen Stefani's smooth, flirtatious vocals. Opposites attract, and in this case, opposites attracted a Grammy for "Best Rap/Sung Collaboration" and an MTV Video Music Award for "Best Female Video."

Produced by powerhouses Dr. Dre and Scott Storch, "Let Me Blow Ya Mind" is definitely beat-driven, but Eve's endearing arrogance permeates the instrumentals. Lines that might normally come across as simple posturing ("Sophomore, I ain't scared, one of a kind./All I do is contemplate ways to make your fans mine.") gleam with conviction when Eve throws them like poison-tipped darts.

Finally, lest we forget, the song's video treatment, in which Gwen and Eve ride ATV's and crash a formal party, made visors and fedoras look way cooler than they ever have before or since. —Alysa Lechner