Best Songs: "Do You Know," "Who Got That Fire," "At All Times," "Only A Few," "Walk Like a G"

While the No Limit staff spent most of 1997 introducing you to their Colonel and the Miller brothers, 1998 was the year they began rolling out the rest of their front line. The album covers you’d only seen in album inserts and The Source magazine ads finally began seeing the light of day. One of the more anticipated soldiers was from gravelly-voiced Fiend, who had a few scene-stealing verses on No Limit releases, and stood out amongst the other soldiers to land a slot on No Limit’s biggest single to date, Master P’s “Make Em Say Uhh!”

The cover art for Fiend’s There’s One In Every Family was an attention-grabber from the get-go, featuring the sleepy-eyed rapper talking on the first Motorola flip phone ever while he was pestered by zombie dope fiends (synergy!)

By the spring of ‘98, Beats by the Pound began to master their sound, and KLC, who brought Fiend into the No Limit fold, was the guiding influence on Fiend’s NL debut. The album featured other NL a-listers, as well as the newly-acquired Snoop Dogg, who enlisted in P’s army just weeks before Fiend’s album hit stores.

But while No Limit was churning out albums at a feverish pace, Fiend’s was clearly a standout. His delivery and energy were as unique as Mystikal’s, and his lyrical ability was every bit as potent as Mac’s. The public agreed, and 30 days later, the LP went gold.