The video for A$AP Ferg's solo release "Work" came out last summer, and the toothbrush-toting/boxers-boxing/robe-rocking trap anthem is finally getting its due sequel in the form of a star-studded (Trinidad James, Schoolboy Q, A$AP Rocky, and French Montana) remix.

Behind the scenes, the two A$AP gentlemen discuss the motivation for the Fergenstein's feature choices as well as how the track came together. In the video, we get a preview of the Ferg (he refers to his Tommy boxers again) verse as well as a bit of the respective Q and James verses. There appear to be zero toothbrushes involved in the segment shown, but hopefully they extend the motif from the first video into the dental hygiene banger that the song was always meant to be. Dentists could have it playing during root canals and such. 

Ferg's general approach to collaborations is to select only artists that he knows personally or with whom he has met and established a bit of a rapport. The one exception: R. Kelly. Maybe one day we'll see a "Trap Lord Trapped in the Closet." Watch above.

[via MTV]