Baltimore rapper and Bad Boy signee Los is one of hip-hop's most slept-on rappers; his last mixtape, The Crown Ain't Safe, was a rapper's-rapper clinic. Perhaps his best release so far, Shooter, also had some seriously stunning moments. He balances skill, wit, personality and pathos masterfully. But one of the drawbacks of Los' style was that for all of his three-dimensional abilities as a rapper, his tapes didn't have much in the way of great hooks or songwriting.

So it's tough to think of a better match for Los than  Diddy, who signed the rapper to a deal with Bad Boy Records; Diddy is the anti-Los, all overarching vision and none of the pure skill. Ideally, they should complement each other well. We'll find out when the full tape drops April 25.

"Disappointed," which features Ludacris, is definitely a step in the right direction. With production from Dot & Pro and Diddy on the hook, the song is one of the most well-rounded Los has been involved with. 

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