If you've heard Jai Paul's "Jasmine," of course you'd be more than excited to hear an album from the artist. And yesterday we got just that: Jai Paul's Self-Titled Debut. However, ask someone what their favorite track is and you'll find that's somewhat difficult to do—while some of the tracks are recognizable from the two songs he's previously released ("BTSU" and "Jasmine," as well as a cover of Jennifer Page's "Crush") none of them are actually titled anything other than their track numbers. Noisey predicted there might be an album coming from him this month, but due to Jai Paul's extremely sporadic releases and other variables, there's that question if this is an actual Jai Paul release.

Yeah, we get Jai Paul's a mysterious dude, but look at that BandCamp account. It was registered only a few hours before the "album"'s release. This was also the account's first upload, too. Plus, the sound quality doesn't say, "A big budget XL Recordings" release.

On the contrary, though, purchasing the collection will get you a receipt from "jaipaul@hotmail.co.uk," which links to a Facebook profile that has myspace.com/jaipaulmusic on the About section. There's no comment from XL Recordings about the recordings, and the only statement from Jai Paul is a series of hashtags on the BandCamp page.


Well, stay tuned for more on these developments.

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 [via Crack In The Road]

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