So what's the time?! It's time to get ILL...except through literature this time. Beastie Boys have signed a deal with Spiegel & Grau (a publishing imprint of Random House) to finally release a memoir. The book is still a long ways off from a release, but from it's gonna be a dope read from the way things are looking. How can it not be when the first words Mike D says in negotiating the deal with his agent is, "I don’t want to do a straight memoir"?

The book is going to be edited by Sacha Jenkins of EgoTrip and The White Mandingos with contributions from other writers. It will also include pictures too, and of course, who wouldn't mind a few pictures in their daily reading. Also, Spiegel & Grau also published Jay-Z's great memoir, Decoded...which also happened to have pictures. Lastly, the publishers compared the upcoming work's tone to Grand Royal, the group's classic, but short-lived magazine.

So we have the Beastie Boys memoir coming up and Questlove's memoir coming this summer. Finally, we get the hip-hop memoirs we've be craving for years.

The Beastie Boys memoir is slated for a fall 2015 release.

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[via New York Times]