Key Song: Loon f/ Kelis "How You Want That"

What's remarkable about Ma$e and Loon isn't just how well their voices matched up but how their career arcs did as well. They were both from Harlem, both signed to Bad Boy, and both ended up leaving rap for religion. (Although, Ma$e was much more successful than Loon and has returned to rap as a full time profession.) The two rappers beefed quite a bit and Loon even released a diss track about Ma$e. Yet Betha, as the originator, held the trump card, rhyming, "I don't know why Loon and Fabby won't just say I'm their daddy" in 2005. Years after the fact, it seems Ma$e is the only one still holding a grudge. Last year on an unexpected appearance on Cruel Summer, he once again took shots, this time poking fun at Loon's conversion to Islam, "I bumped into Loon he like, 'Well, as-salamu alaykum'/You know I ain't Muslim my nigga, I'm about my bacon." Touché. —Insanul Ahmed