If DAD loves anything, it's drum & bass. What's interesting about the EDM scene of today is that there are a lot of prominent producers who were killing it on the dnb scene, only to blow up bigger when they switched into dubstep or other forms of bass music. While many chose to change their names to escape any hate surrounding their new sound, you have producers like SPL who powered through any hate and won. His aggressive sound was picked up by the likes of Tech Itch Recordings, Evol Intent, Freak, and Sinuous, but as you'll see in his own words, he got tired of the dnb scene and moved onto dubstep, and gained steam with SMOG, Play Me, Argon and other solid imprints backing his tracks, including this week's release on Rottun.

For his edition of Five Tracks, you get to track SPL's growth, from the neurofunk of Kemal & Rob Data to Noisia and Deadmau5, and throughout, you get a clear picture of a producer who's still discovering what moves them, and how they apply it to their own productions. Dig in to SPL's Five Tracks.