The Daft Punk news train just keeps on moving. Earlier today, Rolling Stone revealed a boatload of tidbits, ranging from the fact that they worked with Kanye West on a track for his album to their perception of today's dance music scene. Let's dig into some points from the piece:

  • Random Access Memories has been worked on since 2008. Daft Punk purposefully tried to avoid sampling, saying they wanted to "do what we used to do with machines and samplers, but with people." This involved working with artists like Nile Rodgers, as well as session players who had worked on projects with Michael Jackson, Herbie Hancock, and others.
  • They met Pharrell at a party for Madonna's latest album; their conversation went from Pharrell wondering why they hadn't produced her album to  him saying he'd work with them on whatever they were going to be doing next. He ended up contributing vocals to "Get Lucky" and a track about "Lose Yourself to Dance."
  • Speaking of "Get Lucky," word is that Daft Punk (sans-helmets) were at Coachella last night, watching the "Get Lucky" ad in the VIP section.
  • They're not fans of the "comfort zone" that dance music is in right now, saying "that’s not what artists are supposed to do."
  • There are apparently two "songs" that were spawned from a studio session Daft Punk had with Kanye West in their Paris recording studio. They were playing live and programmed drums while Kanye was apparently spitting his heart out. They even have spoken about having Chris Cunningham direct a video for one of the tracks.
  • There are no current plans to tour.

Should be an interesting piece. You can check out the full preview via Rolling Stone.