Chance The Rapper is gearing up to drop his Acid Rap mixtape tomorrow and he spoke with Green Label about what to expect from his latest project. The Chicago rapper, whose 10 Day tape dropped last year, got a lot of attention after his set at this year's SXSW Festival, leaving fans anxious for his next project.

Chance talked about his love of stand-up comedy, the difference between New York and Chicago pizza, and going skydiving for his birthday. He also reveals that Twista will be featured on Acid Rap and talks about the difference between 10 Day and his latest project.

With your Acid Rap tape coming out, what would you say is the biggest difference between it and the 10 Day tape?
The biggest difference is that it’s way better. It’s not as conceptual and single-minded. It’s truly an album instead of a project. Acid Rap is about finding my sound, being happy with my music and making great records. I’m a grown ass man now and not the angry kid from that mixtape. I learned a lot because I grew up, and it’s cool because now I can look at all the songs that I’ve made and compare all the songs and see the growth myself. I think that people will be able to make the same comparisons when they hear Acid. But it’s just a dope ass tape. It’s the best tape to come out in 2013, and I’m super hot with the raps.

On all your songs, no matter what you’re rapping about, you seem to sound playful. Is that a conscious effort on your part?
Music is supposed to be musical, it’s supposed to be so everybody that listens to it can take something from it. Some artists get too caught up in the concept of the song or don’t pay attention to the “song” aspect to it. They pay attention too much to the message or whatever it is and don’t make it musical enough. For my stuff, even if you don’t understand the message behind it you can still bob your head without even listening to the words.

Read more of Chance's interview over at Green Label and be sure to pick up Acid Rap when it drops tomorrow.

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