Chance the Rapper's Acid Rap drops in two days, which is a lot of hours to waiting for a release as anticipated as this one. But for the meantime we have the video to "Smoke Again" featuring Ab-Soul—a clip directed by ILLROOTS. When watching this video, do realize that you are, in fact, not tripping. You are actually seeing some weird stuff happening in this video, like what's happening to Chance the Rapper's eye pupils, odd dancing that involves a lot of elbow movement, and a lot of blurred visuals.

A highlight is when Ab-Soul is introduced in front of a kaleidoscopic backdrop and he's sort of looking at the camera all focused and what not. Maybe it's the visuals or maybe it's how his Afro never looked this intense. Either way it's definitely a replayable scene. The song is pretty good, too.

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