It's a commonly-held myth, as-seen-on TV, and one that Vanilla Ice himself propagated. The rumor goes: Suge Knight represented the interests of Mario "Chocolate" Johnson, the original songwriter of "Ice Ice Baby." After the song blew up, Knight confronted Vanilla Ice in his hotel room, threatening the rapper with bodily harm—and in some versions, by dangling him out of the hotel window—in order to obtain Johnson's publishing rights.

The facts are somewhat more banal. Knight did, in fact, move in to secure the publishing for Johnson; he wanted to ensure that the producer would receive his just due for the creation of the massive hit. But Johnson had already received his percentage for the song. And it wasn't Vanilla Ice he confronted, it was Ice's manager, Tommy Quon. As quoted in Dan Charnas' The Big Payback, Quon says: "I've already handled this. Chocolate already has his share. You can check with your attorney." And Suge Knight promptly left, satisfied. But it didn't stop the rumor mill, which further enhanced Suge's rough reputation.