“I decided I wanted to be in this rap group called Instrumentality my freshman year in high school. It was me and my buddy Justin, who really didn’t produce music. He was just my homeboy. Everybody who makes music kind of has that shit. He was my best friend growing up. He used to help me out with a lot of shit with school, he’d fuck with me and do my homework for me. I wasn’t really that good at school. He was just one of my best friends growing up. I knew him since grade school, and we got to high school, freshman year, we decided to set up this rap group called Instrumentality.

“We started at my basement, and first thing he bought was a drum machine. A shitty drum machine from this guy that used to teach me piano lessons. This is random shit, but I remember we bought it, we made a couple of beats on it, and they were super terrible. We decided that it was the hottest shit to be out, though, at the time, and that we needed to make more terrible shit. We kept making the Instrumentality mixtapes. We made like four in the course of my high school career.

“We had a little bit of a following, and it was really some dope shit. For the most part, I was making the beats and finding instrumentals or whatever I was doing with mixtapes at the time. Justin was really just the supporter. He’d come onstage and hypeman me, and we tell everybody he produced the beat. He was just my boy and still my boy to this day. He was super supportive, and it wasn’t until like high school I really stepped off and started doing my own shit. Senior year I knew I wasn’t going to go to college, and we knew he was going to college, and it was kind of a weird thing, but he was so supportive of me.

“He wasn’t the guy who was like, ‘you should stop bullshitting now, we got to go to college.’ He was like, 'this could be some really dope shit for you and you can be successful in it.’ He was like, ‘you should do this shit on your own’ and I did and we’re still super tight, he’s one of my best friends.”