"[I’m] definitely [a fan of Black Hippy crew]. I love Kendrick’s shit. Maybe a little after the tape came out, I really started listening to Section.80. I actually saw him live at South By [Southwest] before I’d even really tapped into his shit and that was what turned me on was his live show. I’m a huge fan of Kendrick though. I’ve heard like two people compare me to Kendrick. I don’t really see it, but I mean ... do you see it? [asks interviewer] Kendrick’s the shit. If somebody compares me to Kendrick, that’s awesome. I’m a huge fan and I’m really close with some of his guys. He’s the man.”

“I listen to a lot of MJ, a lot of jazzy hip-hop shit, Jamiroquai, Erykah Badu, Joanna Newsom, James Blake, so many different influences. I listen to a lot of weird—I like to think of James Blake’s shit as trip-neo-soul. It’s very trippy, wavy production, but everything’s very slow and I don’t even know how to describe it, but it reminds me of neo-soul shit. I like to categorize a lot of shit as that. I’m into a lot of different music.”

"Ab-Soul, Joey Bada$, Kendrick, Frank Ocean, Rick Ross. I love Rick Ross’ music. French Montana, Mick Jenkins, super-sick. I like Miguel’s music a lot. Miguel’s last album was super sick. I’ve been in this mode lately where I’ve been only listening to my own shit, which sounds fucked up but it’s like I haven’t really been able to listen to any music. My iPod hasn’t been updated in a pretty long time.

"Joey’s super dope. He’s about a year younger than me, he’s getting super big and the whole Pro Era’s been killing shit. Ab-Soul is my nigga. Working with BJ the Chicago Kid and Peter Cottontale have been super dope for me too. I’ve been working with them since #10Day. BJ’s the shit. I just got out the studio with him."