“Even in high school, I was super ‘bout it with the promo shit. Like, we’d make a song, we would go record, pay out of our pocket from whatever shitty jobs we had at the time, straight out of the pocket to the studio. And this was at a time where a lot of niggas were not rapping, also. This is my freshman year of high school, sophomore year in high school. We’re like 15 or 16 years old, but we’re paying out of our pocket at these studios with grown ass men, just randomly in there taking out sessions and making this weak-ass music. We’d get the songs, throw them on Youtube, get some quick cover art we make on [MS] Paint ourselves, and sit on Facebook literally all night opening different chat boxes and sending a generic message I made up to each person telling them to share it.

“Even at that time, before I was making the music to match it, I still had the same marketing techniques. I knew how Facebook worked, and how to make something come up in someone’s 'popular' feed, and how to invite all your friends to an event. Just random shit a lot of people know, but everybody doesn’t necessarily use to their advantage. I’ve always been just driven to make this shit work.”