In the midst of what still seems to somehow not be a joke, Diddy hit the talk show circuit last night in support of his latest venture: water. Rather than take the mic this time around, Diddy came on last night’s Jimm Kimmel Live! for an interview, all building to a discussion of AQUAhydrate, his new venture with Mark Wahlberg.

After talking about bicoastal life, his new New York Magazine tattoo and his already eclectic career, Diddy announced “no shirt Sean,” a bizarre promotion for his new product. Apparently, starting in June, Mr. Combs is going shirtless full-time shirtless to prove the positive effects of AQUAhydrate. After that, Marky Mark himself made an oddly silent appearance, bringing the boys a couple bottles of what Diddy insists is “the new sensation” and flexing his muscles for a couple of minutes. Check out the full interview in the clips above and below.

[via NahRight]