Brainfeeder rap artist Azizi Gibson, who you may remember from his contributions to this stellar Captain Murphy cut "Immaculation," dropped a new video today for his Jonathan Lowell-produced solo song "Ghost in the Shell." 

In the video, Azizi is seen riding through his west coast habitat, getting heavily smoked out while coping with the reality of death, as he admits, "Ignorant I might be, and a tad bit naive/'Cause my little n****s dying when they ain't learn how to squeeze." And he follows up on the chorus, rapping, "This world we live in/Has got me spinnin'/Only thing is sinnin'/I need forgiveness."

With dudes like this and the Brooklyn duo The Underachievers on Flying Lotus' Brainfeeder roster, the label is set to make a serious impact on the rap scene this year. Watch the video above. It's extremely trill.