UPDATE: Q-Tip recently spoke with Rolling Stone about the possibility of reuniting with the rest of the group and things are looking a little more hopeful. Q said that he will "probably get them on my album," which is at least slightly more promising than yesterday's more "possibly." Tip was more concrete, though, about the possibility of touring as a group, saying, 

"We love performing. There's a lot of places around the world that we've yet to hit, believe it or not. We're probably gonna just concentrate on the rest of the world. We've kind of played America."

[via RollingStone]

Following their performance at SXSW with Prince, A Tribe Called Quest spoke with Billboard. The legendary crew talked upon their legacy in the rap game, mentioning how it is an honor for younger artists such as Kanye West and Mac Miller to continue to appreciate their body of work. They also discussed how their recent performance came together and whether their were plans to quit once again as a group. Q-Tip played the question off as a joke, eventually saying that the group is in-sync at the moment, which should hopefully lead to more live performances and possibly new music.

Along the lines of new material, Tip mentioned his upcoming album, The Last Zulu. Saying that the album should be coming out next year, he indicated that he wanted the rest of his Tribe brethren on the project in some capacity. Q-Tip went on to add that he is currently producing for Mariah Carey, John Legend, and D'Angelo, who is still working on this long-awaited follow-up to Voodoo.

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