Date: March 18, 1991

The Moment: It's the ultimate moment in "WTF" rap trivia: The L.A. Times breaks the news that Eazy-E—founding N.W.A member, singer of "Boyz-n-the-Hood," yes, that Eazy-E—had been invited to the White House by then-Republican Senate leader Bob Dole for a luncheon. The Republican Senatorial Inner Circle would be in attendance, with George H.W. Bush, the President of the United States of America.

The Impact: The American media outrage machine wasn't as fast in 1991 as it is now. In other words, by the time most people got the news, Eazy had already finished up lunch. With Bob Dole. And President George H.W. Bush. And by the time they did receive the news, it had already become the stuff of legend. The moment was so unbelievable, it was literally unbelievable, made all the more difficult to process by the fact that no pictures exist of Eazy at the lunch.

The Upshot: Republicans and fans of Eazy-E alike were stunned: How could the sitting American President allow this gangster rapper into the White House? and Eazy-E is a Republican? The Bush White House, for their part, decided to kill the matter by never commenting on it. Eazy did, however, explaining in an interview: "How the fuck can I be a Republican when I got a song called 'Fuck tha Police'? I ain't shit—ain't a Republican or Democrat. I didn't even vote. My vote ain't going to help! I don't give a fuck who's the president," and later, explaining in song: "So, you can kiss my black ass/Fuck the White House, it ain't my house/So, you can burn the mothafucka down for all I care/Cause T-shirts and khakis is all I wear."

While history accuses Eazy—who eventually died of AIDS, not exactly a conservative cause in the '90s—of being a Republican, the urban legends about this are wrong, as Jerry Heller explained in his book Ruthless. Eazy had donated to a South Central charity event. His name was picked up by an RNC computer mailing list, which hit Eazy up with an invitation, which Eazy accepted. We'll let Heller's book speak for itself, because the truth of the matter is so, so great:

"...As it turned out, we had a pretty okay time. We ate poached salmon and roast beef. (Eazy E) sat next to a woman from Dallas, who I would bet had never mixed socially with a person of color before in her long and well-heeled life. I expected her to start talking about 'the problem of the Negro.' I think she was actually afraid to look at the short African-American next to her, so she didn't notice that (Eazy E's) eyes looked like a couple of all-black marbles. "Nobody's been that stoned in the White House since Gerald Ford's kid Jack smoked dope on the White House roof. And Eazy had better weed that Jack Ford ever did."