When we spoke about Dub Police showcasing the diversity within the dubstep scene, tracks like "Think About You" from Subscape were the reason why. Eager trainspotters should be up on this tune, as DJs like Hatcha have dropped it on numerous occasions, and its got a nice blend of that understated 4x4 kick giving the beat a nice bounce, playing along with those beautiful melodies. Add a classic sample? You've got a banger. And you WILL get this banger, on Monday.

This cut is taken from Subscape's My Style 003 mix, which is being released by Dub Police on March 31; it is just that - a glimpse into Subscape's zone, and features a whopping 35 tracks, including cuts from Breakage, Caspa, Pixel Fist, The Others, and plenty of Subscape's own material. You can own "Think About You" on Monday... if you sign up for the Dub Police newsletter. Get on that early! Subscape is also going on a North American tour in April; check out the dates below, then peep the info on My Style 003 on Page 2.

April 3 - Foundation Night Club - Seattle, WA
April 4 - U Street Music Hall - Washington, DC
April 5 - Encore - Edmonton, AB
April 6 - Flames Central - Calgary, AB
April 7 - Smog Sundays at Los Globos - Los Angeles, CA
April 11 - Temple - San Francisco, CA
April 12 - Beta Nightclub (Sub.Mission 6th Birthday) - Denver, CO
April 13 - The Loft - Minneapolis, MN
April 14 - Barcelona - Austin, TX

Following varied sessions from head honcho Caspa and dubstep forefather D1, the
third installment of the ongoing ‘My Style’ series will hand over the reins to the next
generation of Dub Police artists as label stalwart Subscape takes the helm. Following
two of dubstep’s earliest champions and core figureheads is certainly no easy task,
but no one is better equipped for the job than Subscape who rises to the challenge
armed with an arsenal of fresh, upfront and exclusive material. A selection of these
will be available as individual full-length tracks along with the digital and CD editions.

Since first being introduced to Caspa by his then-future label mate The Others while
studying music production at ACM in Guilford, Subscape has gone on to become an
integral part of the label and one of its most prolific artists. First debuting on the
label back in 2008 with ‘Bad Man / Transaction’, he has steadily amassed a bulging
catalogue of unique productions built to shake soundsystems and evoke emotions
in equal measures. His most recent ‘Universal’ and subsequent ‘Elements’ EPs have
continued to push the envelope and further cement his status as one of bass music’s
leading lights. About to head off on his first solo North American tour and with the
My Style mix about to drop, 2013 looks like it is going to be his busiest year yet.

Given the blank canvas to dig deep and produce his own encompassing mission
statement, Subscape most definitely relishes the challenge. Clocking in at just over
an hour, Subscape navigates through a mammoth 35-track tracklist packed tight with
exclusive dubplates and fresh material from himself, the label and a selection of like-
minded friends. Bringing together the different elements of his sound the mix is a
carefully crafted balance of soul and power, melody and energy. Fluidly traversing
tempos, genres and moods, the mix touches upon dubstep, 2-step and house all
under the bold Subscape banner.

A selection of fan favourites feature in the mix including ‘Graveyard Shift’, ‘High
Grade’ and ‘Turn Me On’, while new Subscape productions are dotted throughout
the tracklist and give a taste of some of the new music on the horizon. These offer
a varied palette of sounds such as the soaring soul of opener ‘I Need You’, lurching
powerhouse ‘No Time To Chill’ and ‘When I See You’, a new collaboration with Lena
Cullen. Elsewhere, Dub Police artists feature heavily with tracks from the likes of
Mydas, Trolley Snatcha, The Others, Variations and label head Caspa, while the
tracklist is completed by a selection of dubs from producers such as Breakage,
Dismantle, DKS, Culprate, Other Echoes, Pixel Fist and Ethic.

Carefully crafted and packed with new and unheard material, Subscape delivers a
mix that will reveal new elements on each listen, equally adaptable to headphone
listening as it is to party starting. We will leave you to get better acquainted…

‘My Style 003 – Subscape’ will be available both digitally and on CD with the bonus
addition of a selection of individual full-length tracks including new Subscape
productions ‘Beautiful People’, ‘No Time To Chill’ and ‘Can’t Go On’.


1. Subscape – I Need You
2. Mydas & Loz Contreras – Mistakes
3. Subscape – Just Coz
4. DKS – I Know
5. Subscape – Graveyard Shift
6. Culprate – Two
7. Other Echoes – Juice Bumps VIP
8. Subscape – Beautiful People
9. KGB – Hardstyle
10. Trolley Snatcha feat. Subscape – You 4 Ria
11. The Others – Showdown/Polaris
12. Subscape – No Time To Chill
13. Variations & Mojo – Circles
14. Northern Lights feat. Beezy – Sentiments
15. Subscape – High Grade
16. Pixel Fist – Let Yourself Go
17. Computer Club and Must Die! Feat. Anna Yvette – Win Or Lose (Infuze Remix)
18. Subscape – Close Your Eyes
19. Mydas – Beneath The Fold
20. Caspa feat. Mighty High Coup – On It (Dismantle Remix)
21. Subscape – Apple Candy
22. DKS – Lose My Mind
23. Subscape – A Lot To Learn
24. Subscape – When I See You feat. Lena Cullen
25. 501 – Feel For You
26. The Others & Emalkay – Fallout
27. Caspa feat. Dismantle – Techno Terry
28. Ethic – What Ya Call Me
29. Subscape – Can’t Go On
30. Subscape – Turn Me On
31. Subscape – Nothings Wrong
32. Figure 8 – Chicken Sandwich
33. Villa Coco – LAYH (VIP Mix)
34. Breakage – The Promise
35. Figure 8 – Let Me Love