Chrissy Murderbot's one of our favorite dance music representers from the US. He's traveled worldwide, dropped albums on Planet Mu, and has his own imprint, Loose Squares, where he's unafraid to push the sounds he likes, as opposed to what's hot. Sometimes those coincide, but we applaud his efforts and ear. He's sorted out an album of material, Greatest Hits ★★★★★, taking us directly into the juke/jungle zone. Juke's an interesting genre, and one that's relished on the underground for a while, so seeing more artists and labels picked up on it is a true treat. Murderbot's got everything here: Dope vocal samples, deep bass, and a heavy dose of break-neck beats.

The best part? In addition to the seven tracks Murderbot produced, he got seven remixes done of these tunes by the likes of Star Slinger, Pixelord, Slick Shoota, and other talented producers that you SHOULD be aware of. This will drop on April 20 via Murder Channel; give the entire project a whirl down below.