Eric B. & Rakim added another layer to the 80s rap game. Though the duo wore gold chains and leather jumpsuits, they specialized in razor-sharp lyricism and gritty funk samples. We can understand why Ces Cru and Tech N9ne would pay homage on "Juice."

Ces Cru, the Kansas City rap duo Ubiquitous and Godemis, showcases their tag-team rap style on this track, inspired by Eric B. & Rakim’s classic cut from the Juice soundtrack.

“I hand-picked Ces Cru for Strange Music,” says Tech N9ne, who co-owns Strange Music with Travis O’Guin. “Ubiquitous and Godemis are two of rap’s best artists. That’s why I wanted them on our team.”

In this video for "Juice," the rappers use a percussive loop to salute the iconic group. Ces Cru and Tech N9ne rock the crowd in block party fashion and break dance amongst skateboarders.

Constant Energy Struggles is out Tuesday.