It has been seven years since Paul Oakenfold released A Lively Mind, and it looks like we might be getting his Pop Killer album sooner than we think. He told Billboard that the project is about 75% completed, but was quick to note that he is "a Virgo so we could be having this discussion next year."

The time between the two albums has not been laziness; aside from touring with Madonna, and scoring films, Oakenfold has a residency in Las Vegas (among other DJ gigs), but really wanted to learn how to write songs with vocalists. As of now, he's cut out his touring schedule to focus on completing the album, which is said to feature ZZ Ward, Alan Stone, Wallpaper, Azealia Banks, and some bigger names that he's not even hinting at as of yet. Expect to hear "at least" some singles in 2013, if not the entire project.

And as for the title, Pop Killer? It's pretty self-explanatory, although possibly dated at this point:

I was listening to a lot of radio in America because I was trying to study songs and all I kept hearing was the same thing. It was just the same tracks, the same pop sound. Bear in mind, at this time electronic music wasn't mainstream. House music is pop music now. It's changed and might not be as relevant anymore.

Maybe a title change is in order? We'll see if he completes his task, whenever he decides the project is done and ready for our ears.