When Miley Cyrus dropped "Party in the U.S.A." in 2009, the first question that plenty of fans had was: "What Jay-Z song was on?" Cyrus had no idea; in fact, she had never heard a Jay-Z song in her life. "I've never heard a Jay-Z song. I don't listen to pop music," she said. "['Party in the U.S.A.'] is not even my style of music. I'm really blessed for it to have done as well as it has."

Three years later, Cyrus—now 20, engaged to actor Liam Hemsworth, and rocking a short, platinum pixie cut—constantly posts photos of herself in the studio with rappers: Pharrell, Wiz Khalifa, Juicy J, and many other MCs. 

She's in the process of recording her latest album, and trust that she's lined up quite the roster of hip-hop features. Maybe we can thank Mack Maine, who, after rapping, "In about 3 years, holla at me Miley Cyrus" on Lil Wayne's "Every Girl," sparked a hot Twitter convo between the two.

With that said, here's a gallery of Miley kicking it with your favorite rappers, just to show off how cool she really is.

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