Lupe Fiasco offered the internet some words of wisdom on a lazy Sunday afternoon. In a series of Tweets, the Chicago rapper associates violence in hip-hop as a factor for violence in society. According to Lupe, violent lyrics are a tacit acceptance of using force in everyday life. While appearing to accept that rap is not the sole contributor to society's problem with violence, Lupe suggests that rappers who use their music as a platform to talk about guns and killing need to come clean and take responsibility.

While Fiasco does not call out any rapper by name, he does use a Dr. Dre quote from "Guilty Conscience" to imply that even if someone's reality is rooted in violence, that does not mean they should continue to promote violence or justify the content as an example of "art imitates life." The tweets take a tangent as Lupe has issues identifying what song the quote comes from.

At the end of the rant, Lupe suggested a feeling of desperation, indicating that the rapper feels that this is ultimately a futile attempt at attempting to facilitate change.

He has now gone on to retweet people questioning his sincerity in such a rant, after tweeting about Higi, the company for which he serves as creative director, and about his "brother" Lewis Hamilton, who finished third in the Malaysia Grand Prix. Hamilton is facing a firestorm at the moment for not allowing his teammate Nico Rosberg to finish ahead of him in the race, and is apologizing for this decision in the media. Read the Tweets below.

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