If you listen to artists like Richie Hawtin or Deadmau5, the "e" in EDM should (does?) stand for "event." Judging by some of the stage shows we've seen DJs tour with, as well as the massive set-up of the Ultra Music Festival and other like-minded events, they might not be far from it. It's almost telling that, when we looked at artists that we love to watch perform, someone like Lunice is spoken in the same breath as Major Lazer, Amon Tobin, or Daft Punk.

You might look at Lunice's stage show and think "there's nothing to it." He's bringing his beat machines, a laptop, and not much else... but it's all about what he DOES, and that's wild out. Maybe it's the fact that Lunice spent years as a dancer before becoming a producer (his YouTube page is chock full of Lunice dance videos). Maybe its just that he truly FEELS what he's playing. Or maybe he's just a character, and his reaction is to bob his head, pump his fists, and bug the fuck out when the spirit moves him.

It helps that he's as gifted as he is when it comes to the beats. Lunice is 1/2 of TNGHT, which on their own have counted credits for Lil Wayne and Champs Sports just within the last month; on his own he's worked with Angel Haze, Azealia Banks, Rockie Fresh and others. He's obviously enjoying what he does, and we enjoy both his music and his reactions to his music. It feels like he's as big of a fan of the bass music scene as we are, and many of you wallflowers can learn a lot about letting go. Succomb to the wild out.