BeazyTymes seemed to come out of nowhere. His soundcloud page is still logging just a few hundred plays per track. Yet in the past 30 days, he's posted five original tracks and one collab that are sitting around 75,000 plays total. Some people understand marketing and promotion, and the need for a platform. BeazyTymes just knows how to make beats. And it's forgivable. He's 17. And still in high school. This music business has layers, and is unforgiving. He'll learn that the hard way. But he's REALLY fucking talented.

He's from Chicago, and stuck in Arizona until he can go to college back in Illinois. He's been moved away from his friends and the life he knows. Perhaps that has something to do with his drive. But there's no explaining how someone this young can understand spacial production at the level he does. The change-ups. The fake drops. The drumwork. This young man is producing tracks that have a comprehension level of a pro. He knows where things are supposed to land, and why. There are producers on the festival circuit that don't understand the importance of variation. And this kid living in an unfamiliar city stuck in his senior year of high school just GETS it. Sure, it's trap music. Sure, it's dark minimalistic bass music. And we don't expect everyone to understand why these records are special.

I'm pushing him forward. Pulling him up. And will champion these records. He's got 300 soundcloud followers, averages 500 plays per track on his page, and it makes NO sense. I pointed out UZ and Baauer when they had NO results. And this kid has it. I don't draw lines in the sand often. But this one is ready. We'll sit around and let everyone take a year to validate my stance on the staying power of this talent. He'll be making bangers while everyone figures it out.