2013 marks 20 years of being in the dance music scene for Tommie Sunshine. Some artists who have been in the scene that long tend to just continue on their path; while Tommie does strive to move ahead, he's also taken the time to help educate the masses about their misconceptions of the scene, almost like that cool uncle who is not just into awesome shit, but has no problem sitting you down and helping you learn for yourself. Be it as a DJ, or via his Brooklyn Fire imprint, Tommie's got years ahead of him, and will be spending them the same way he did the first 20: exciting crowds and opening minds.

During a string of shows Zedd held in New York City at the end of January, Jake caught up with Tommie to discuss how EDM has grown, its parallels to the 1960s, publications who have it out for certain promoters, and where he sees EDM going - which includes talk about his Brooklyn Fire imprint. It's just awesome to hear Tommie speak, and we wish we could get one of these out of him monthly.


Shouts to PRESCRIBED for putting together this video.