Trance legend Ferry Corsten has made his career with amazing DJ sets, his Flashover Recordings label, and of course his own stellar tunes. Of all his tunes, "Rock Your Body Rock" seems to be one of the most long-standing, and a decade after the initial release, Ferry's got two remixes for you.

The first comes from Russian DJ Arty. Arty first remixed Ferry turning in his "Rock-n-Rolla" edition of "Punk" and now he's done the same for this one. For those looking for a trance version here, look away. When Arty calls something his "Rock-n-Rolla" mix, it means it's going to be something along the lines of an electro house tune, and this is exactly what this is. Despite a progressive trance edge coloring edges of this tune, the tune's bassline is straight-up electro with a roller coaster type twisting progression. Unfortunately we're not quite sure if the engineering is shitty or it's purposefully distorted to sound "rock n roll"…we're going to hope it was the latter.

For the second remix, DAD favorite Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike turn in their "mainstage remix" and a mainstage mix it is. The booming low-end on this has become the calling card for the Belgian duo and we're happy to have another release from the duo. The track keeps the progressive trance melody and adds not only the low-end, but a snarling electro-infused bassline. DV&LM are bringing their tribal influence to the mainstage and along with "Wakanda", "Mammoth", and "Turn It Up", we're expecting 2013 to be their breakout year.