On Thursday night, we reported that Avicii was planning on premiering his forthcoming album during his main stage set at Day 1 of the 2013 Ultra Music Festival's second weekend. Judging by what we already knew about his album, Avicii isn't just making another EDM album. Mike Shinoda, Nile Rodgers, and many other names are helping him craft a particular vision, and during last night's UMF live-stream, we got to see where he is planning on taking us.

And it's interesting, to say the least. Singer Aloe Blacc joined Avicii on stage... as did a number of banjo players, members of the band Incubus, and a woman playing the kazoo. It was an interesting mixture of country, pop, folk, and EDM, but for a prime time, main stage Ultra Music Festival set, Avicii left a lot of people baffled. Soundisstyle gave us a pretty accurate rundown of what happened last night, but we wanted to see what the people thought.

It wasn't pretty. From utter confusion about the set and what was going down to pure venom being spewed, the Internets had something to say about Avicii's set. We want to know what you thought - did you dig Avicii's new sound? Do you feel it was right for a UMF stage? Will you be buying his new album? Hit the comments, let us know!