Album: Haddaway

It may be hard to hear this song and not feel like dancing. But it's impossible to hear this song, start dancing, and then not feel like a sleazy douchebag who puts on too much cologne and hair spray. Granted, we probably didn't feel that way when it first came out: It was a worldwide hit and lit up dance clubs everywhere. What really ruined this song (and made us feel so damn guilty) was those SNL skits "Roxbury Guys" and the eventual film A Night at the Roxbury.

Will Ferrell and Chris Kattan's characters (and their outfits) perfectly captured the kind of sleazy douchebag who loves this song and isn't afraid to show it. In our private moments-when this song is playing in our headphones while we mop our house-and the beat breaks down, sounding like magnets rhythmically contracting, we thrust our hips like a robot humping a dryer and know that our inner loser has been unleashed. We opened our eyes to look for the nearest sloppy drunk girl whose vagina is flapping out of her dress, but alas it's just our roommate recording us on their phones. Yes, the struggle is real. -Insanul Ahmed