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Album: The All-American Rejects

Maybe it was singer Tyson Ritter's cheekbones, or his blue eyes, or the fact that we were likely under the age of 16 and really into power pop when the song came out, but something about "Swing, Swing" was all consuming. The lyrics are simple to understand; he's heartbroken, but will probably move on. However, it is precisely this universal experience that makes the song amazing. Ritter manages to make female listeners want to be both the girl who did him wrong, and the one he moves on to. In other words, the track fulfils fantasies of being both pined over and put in a position to console a guy through a rough time.

"Swing, Swing" may be hovering near "Someone Like You" as far as breakup ballads, but at least the latter has a legitimate British accent. On lines like, "Did you think that I would cry on the phone?/Do you know what it feels like being alone?" Ritter's voice treads a fine line between maybe having a cold, and fake-Madonna-British. The worst part? We kind of like it. -Alysa Lechner