Affiliations: Tan Boys, A$AP
Previous Releases: Strictly 4 My P.A.P.I.Z.
X-Factor: Flashy gangster shit.
At SXSW?: Yes

He's down with A$AP, he wears Versace, and he's ready to make sure everyone knows the Tan Boys name. Bodega Bamz, who hails from Spanish Harlem, has an aggressive approach reminiscent of N.O.R.E. You can tell that he thinks he's the best rapper out, and that confidence smoothly transitions to his tracks.

His music is mix of coke-dealing street tales and aimless braggadocio. It's a style that any fan of rap is familiar with, but Bamz seems intent on proving that there's still new territory to tread, even regarding the most familiar of subject matter.

Video That Sold Us: Bodega Bamz "P.A.P.I."