"I didn't [buy the album]. My dad bought it, and he gave it to me. That's what I really couldn't understand. I was like, 'How does my dad fuck with this?' My dad only fucks with '70s music, like Parliament. So when he was fucking with 50, I was trying to understand. Like, 'What's going on?' But 50 had joints."

"I was young, but I knew: That nigga 50 was the fucking man. It's hard to express [how it felt] because I was a kid. I was trying figure out how to be icy, to be ill. 50 was just this gangsta nigga that had mad hard songs, so you had to fuck with that nigga. I remember 'In Da Club,' I couldn't even get in the club.

"When 50 came out he had that 'Wanksta' video. I was just like, 'Who is this nigga that's like a Barbie doll?' I thought it was like a Tae Bo commercial. I ain't believe the shit. But I fucked with that shit. The 'Many Men' video was hard too, he was really in a wheelchair, I was like, This nigga is fucking nuts. That 'P.I.M.P' video was nuts. He had Snoop Dogg and Don "Magic" Juan. That was like the hardest shit ever."